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Sidwell Street Methodist Church

Page updated 26 May 2009

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This building, recently renovated, now shines like a beacon at this end of Sidwell Street. Its method of construction was ground breaking in Britain and it deserves a mention for that very reason.

Architect Frederick Commin, was commissioned to design a church for this site. His invitation for tenders, attracted one for £9,000 from Paul Cottancin, a French engineer who had built several ferro-concrete structures in France. The system used steel wires on which were threaded hollow red bricks, into which concrete was poured. In addition, decorative detail was created by casting concrete in moulds. These structures were also threaded onto the steel work. The result, was a light, strong structure. Unfortunately, Cottancin's tender was too little and the engineer was bankrupted by the building.

The church was opened on the 1st May 1905 by the Rev. F L Wiseman. After nearly a hundred years the building was dreary and dirty, and little appreciated by most who passed it. The renovation has really made this building sparkle and shows what can be done with some care and attention.

Sidwell Street Methodist Church Sidwell Street Methodist Church interior

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