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The Exeter Falcons - riders 1947 to 2005

Compiled by Tony Lethbridge

Page updated 5th October 2015

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Adamczak, Kaz .  Poland Photo
Amundsen, Robin, Australia Photo
Andersen, Frank.  Denmark Photo
Andersson, Bengt. Sweden Photo
Applegate, Johnny Photo
Ashby, Martin Photo
Ashton, Rob. Australia Photo
Autrey, Scott.  USA Photo

Bailey, Gordon Photo
Bangma, Henk.  Holland Photo
Barker, Ben Photo
Barker, John Photo
Barker, Mitchell Photo
Barney, Ian Photo
Barnett, Morris Photo
Barrett, Ron Photo
Barrett, Wayne
Bass, Chris.  Australia Photo
Bedkober, Jack.  Australia Photo
Bedkober, Malcolm.  Australia Photo
Berge, Phillippe. France Photo
Bergkvist, Tommy. Sweden Photo
Best, Paul Photo
Bishop, Steve Photo
Blackman, Corey.  Australia Photo
Blewett, Chris Photo
Blondy, Patrice.  France Photo
Bock, Kevin. New Zealand Photo
Boocock, Nigel Photo
Born, Bill Photo
Bossner, Andreas.  Austria Photo
Bowden, Mike Photo
Bowers, Roy Photo
Brennan, Steve Photo
Brewer, Dave Photo
Briggs, Wayne.  New Zealand Photo
Brown, David Photo
Bungay, Tim Photo
Burley, Graham Photo
Byford, Howdy Photo

Cake, Mike Photo
Cambridge, Matt Photo
Campbell, Andy Photo
Cann, Francis Photo
Carfield, Andy Photo
Carr, Louis Photo
Carter, Rob
Chambers, Allen Photo
Chandler, Glyn Photo
Clay, Norman Photo
Coffin, Lew Photo
Coles, Bob Photo
Coles, Michael Photo
Collier, Bernie Photo
Cook, Colin Photo
Courage, Chris Photo
Cowland, Alan Photo
Cox, Cliff Photo
Crane, David Photo
Cribb, Bruce.  New Zealand Photo
Crutcher,  Tom Photo
Cunningham, Jack Photo

Daniels, Greg Photo
Davey, Syd ‘Dingo’ Photo
Day, Dennis Photo
Dearden, Doug Photo
Deser, Stefan.  Germany Photo
Dole, Ray.  Australia Photo
Downton, Bill Photo
Dryml, Ales.  Czechoslovakia Photo

Eather, Roy.  Australia
Eide, Reidar.  Norway Photo
Eldridge, Bobby Photo
Elkins, Justin Photo
Ellis, John Photo
Ether, Roy Photo
Etheridge, Laurie Photo
Evitts, Paul Photo

Facey, Clark Photo
Farnish, Neil Photo
Farrell, Mike Photo
Fey, Tim Photo
Flanagan, Pat Photo
Flood, Gary Photo
Ford, Richard Photo
Fortune, Rob Photo
Fry, Paul Photo
Fryer, Bert Photo
Fudge, Paul Photo

Garard, Tony.  Australia Photo
Garton, Dean Photo
Geddes, Hugh.  Australia Photo
Gent, Vic Photo
Genz, Ronnie ( aka Reg Neal) Photo
George, Tony Photo
Geran, Jack. Australia Photo
Gerhardsson, Per Ake.  Sweden Photo
Gills, Ian Photo
Gibbs, David Photo
Gilbertson, Ross Photo
Gimre, Kjell . Norway Photo
Gooddy, Colin Photo
Goodwin, Martin Photo
Gordon, Graeme Photo
Gould, Jon Photo
Green, Richard Photo
Greenwood, Johnny Photo
Grubmuller, Walter.  Austria Photo
Grimes, Bill Photo
Gurtner, Keith. Australia Photo

Hadek, Bo.  Czechoslovakia Photo
Haley, Arnie Photo
Hancox, John Photo
Hard, Mike Photo
Harding, Vic Photo
Hardy, Don Photo
Hare, Lawrence Photo
Harris, Chris ‘Bomber’ Photo
Hart, Jack.  New Zealand Photo
Hayden, Charlie Photo
Hazzard, Syd Photo
Hemus, Dave Photo
Hewlett, Martin Photo
Hitch, Clive Photo
Hockaday, Eric Photo
Hodson, Stan Photo
Holden, Kevin Photo
Hole, Billy Photo
Holub, Jan. Czechoslovakia Photo
Howard, Dick Photo
Hone, Steve Photo
Hoskin, Goog Photo
Howe, Eric Photo
Humphreys, Ian Photo
Hussey, Brian Photo

Ingham, Lee Photo
Ingram, Peter. Australia Photo
Innocent, Bob. Australia Photo

Jacobs, Steve Photo
Jeffrey, Peter Photo
Johnson, Frank Photo
Jones, Ricky
Julian, Chris Photo

Kaines, Alf Photo
Kennett, Gordon Photo
Kilby, Bob Photo
Knight, Richard R. Photo
Kolenko, Jernej. Slovenia Photo
Koppe, Steve.  Australia Photo
Kudrna, Zedenek.  Czechoslovakia Photo

Thanks for additional photos to Glyn Shailes and Rob Doran.

Laessing, Ted Photo
Lanfear, Stan Photo
Lansdale, Pete Photo
Lanham, Leigh Photo
Leaver, Alan Photo
Leaver, Nigel Photo
Leggett, John Photo
Leitner, Franz.  Austria Photo
Lemon, Mark Photo
Lobb, Gary Photo
Lobb, Roger Photo
Lock, Cyril Photo
Lock, Kevin Photo
Lomas, Tony Photo
Loram, Mark Photo
Lukehurst, Des Photo

Malmqvist, Gunnar Photo
Marsh, Krister Photo
Mason, Alan.  New Zealand Photo
Mattingley, Tony Photo
Mauger, Ivan.  New Zealand Photo
Maxfield, Robert.  Australia Photo
May, Charlie Photo
McDermott, Maurie Photo
Meyer, Bob.  Australia Photo
Millard, Keith Photo
Minall, Eric Photo
Monckton, Wally
Moore, Ted Photo
Morton, Ray Photo
Mudge, Geoff.  Australia Photo
Myson, Johnny Photo

Naylor, John Photo
Newman, Keith Photo
Nicholls, Ginger Photo
Noakes, Ernie Photo
Noer, Kent.  Denmark Photo

O’Connor, Dave.  Australia Photo
Olsson, Tony.  Sweden Photo
Ondrasik, Pawel.  Czechoslovakia Photo
Osborn, David Photo
Oughton, Paul Photo

Palfrey, Paul
Palmer. Tommy Photo
Paulsen, Nils.  Sweden Photo
Pawson, Patrick Photo
Pegler, Scott Photo
Pellinen, Mika.  Finland Photo
Philpotts,  Dink Photo
Phillips, Kevin Photo
Pilgrim, Arthur Photo
Pingel, Jorg.  Germany Photo
Plain, Herbie Photo
Powell, Ben.  Australia Photo
Price, Kevin Photo
Price, Rob Photo
Prince, Kier
Prinsloo, Dion.  South Africa Photo
Prinsloo, Peter.  Zimbabwe Photo
Prynne, Jason Photo
Purkiss, Gerald Photo

Reeve, Mark Photo
Regeling, Steve.  Australia Photo
Reinke, Steve.  Australia Photo
Rivett, Alan.  New Zealand Photo
Roberts, Dave Photo
Robinson, Buddy.  USA Photo
Robins, Chris Photo
Roger, Bert, Photo
Roger, Bob Photo
Roger, Cyril Photo
Ross, Wayne Photo
Rossiter, Alun Photo
Rumsey, Les Photo
Rundle, Bill Photo
Russell, Rusty Photo

Sampson, Mike Photo
Sanderson, Mike
Sanford, Tony Photo
Sargeant, Johnny Photo
Sawyer, Les.  Australia Photo
Sell, Andy Photo
Selley, Colin Photo
Selley, Peter Photo
Semmonds, Mike Photo
Shuter, Frank. New Zealand Photo
Silver, Len Photo
Simmonds, Mark Photo
Simmons, Nick Photo
Sjosten, Christer.  Sweden Photo
Slade, Bernard ‘Broncho’ Photo
Smart, David Photo
Smart, Frank.  Australia Photo
Smethills, Lee Photo
Smith, Alan Photo
Smith, Billie Photo
Smith, Doug Photo
Smith, Scott Photo
Sparshott, Nigel Photo
Spelta, Bob.  Australia Photo
Squibb, Jimmy Photo
Stangeland, Edgar.  Norway Photo
Steen, David Photo
Stephens, Semmond Photo
Stevens, Stan Photo
Stone, Terry Photo
Street, Neil.  Australia Photo
Summers, George.  Australia Photo
Summerfield, Mark Photo
Svab, Toni.  Czechoslovakia Photo
Swaine, Ron Photo
Sweetman, Tommy Photo

Tamblyn, Des Photo
Taylor, Gordon Photo
Theobald, Alan Photo
Thompson, Peter.  Australia Photo
Titman, John.  Australia Photo
Tresarrieu, Sebastien.  France Photo
Trim, Les Photo
Trownson, Dave Photo
Turner, Bob Photo

Unstead, Jack Photo

Vance, Phil Photo
Vandirek, Piotr.  Czechoslovakia Photo
Verner, Jan.  Czechoslovakia Photo
Verner, Vaclav.  Czechoslovakia Photo

Waddell, Bonnie.  Australia Photo
Wainwright, Rusty Photo
Wahlmann, Leif.  Sweden Photo
Walsh, Ken.  Australia Photo
Ward, Dave Photo
Warner, Bob Photo
Watts, Bob Photo
Webster, Alf Photo
Whitaker, Dave.  Australia Photo
White, George Photo
Wickett, Ray Photo
Wigg, Bob Photo
Wigg, Simon Photo
Williams, Bill Photo
Williams, Ed Photo
Williams, John J. Photo
Williams, Marcus Photo
Williams, Stuart Photo
Willmott, Sean Photo
Woffinden, Rob Photo
Woodcock, Phil Photo
Wood, Mike Photo
Wooley, Steve Photo
Wright, Keith.  Australia Photo

Young,  Larry Photo

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