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Flowerpot Lane

Page updated 17 September 2008

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This small area in St Thomas was developed for housing in 1986. The area was a grassed open area - the locals objected to the development on the grounds that their fresh air was being degraded by the covering of recreational land. The subsequent development went ahead and was carefully designed by John Lees.

The name Flowerpot probably comes from the medieval Floyer which derives from the Saxon for arrow maker. In 1086, Domesday records the owner as a Floher. The Floyers resided at Floyer Hayes, on what is now Haven Banks, until about 1580 and parts of the house were still standing as late as 1830-40. The family were involved in building St Thomas Church.

Hayes Barton was a small manor house and farm on the floodplain of the Exe, at Flowerpot Fields. A gold ring with a sapphire, dating from 1300, was found at the site. On the 31st July 1643, a force of 1,100 Parliamentary men crossed the Exe Bridge to engage and destroy the Royalists occupying St Thomas. A battle at Hayes Barton destroyed the ancient manor house. The Parliamentary forces lost 16 killed and 50 taken prisoner, and claimed that they had captured 80 Royalists. Recent archaeological excavations at Hayes Barton uncovered many lead bullets and a canon ball, indicating a fierce fight. The action allowed reinforcements to reach the city.

The first use of the name 'Flowerpot' in the 19th-Century Flying Post was when the St Thomas Local Board used the name in a meeting of 1879. The Local Board committee agreed to contact the owner, Mr Densham, about raising a footpath to the property. Before the Second World War, the area was largely wasteland, used by the council as a dump which raised it by about two metres. In 1942, it was a training area for light tanks, while a map from the 1970s is intriguingly marked at Flowerpot with the legend Proposed Heliport Site, something that would have seemed an exciting facility in the development of the city, but which never saw the light of day.

Flowerpot now hosts two football pitches and one rugby pitch, and it is home to the Wessex Rugby Club. They also are home to a half court basketball, trampoline.The Skate Park and Chill Zone cost £84,000, and was designed by the City's teenagers. The skate park, has Skate-Lite surfacing, and a variety of ramps, steps and grinds. There is a vertical, three quarter pipes and a number of boxes for grinding.


Flowerpot LaneFlowerpot LaneFlowerpot LaneSkateboard action at the Skatepark and Chill Zone.

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