John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

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John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby mike ewings » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:16 pm

I've seen and read many references to schools in Exeter,but nothing about the old John Stocker school....well how about getting the old red and black (school colours) thinking cap on and put the school back on the map!!.....
I attended both the junior and senior schools back in the late 50's-early 60's..many fond memories..although some a bit vague..I remember both schools were separeated by a long brick wall with a gate at the top of the playground.The Headmasters Mr Cashmore(junior side) and Mr Gore(senior side)..both schools had years 1 to 4 with classes A-B-and-C...Very strong in sport..with Rugby being the main game in winter and Athletics in summer....I think the Sports masters were called Brian Dyer and ????? Clarke...Can't remember much about the teachers but i do recall a Mr Tebbit?,Mr Jenkins,Mr Bazeley(who i did meet again some years back).....understand the schools closed some years ago....I've also been in contact with a couple of old classmates but nothing recent.....I would be interested in hearing anything about the school...
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby Daffyd » Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:01 pm

You are absolutely right, Mike. Both John Stocker and Ladysmith Schools are missing on the site, and I keep meaning to put that right. I will see what I can do in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if anyone has something interesting to say about either school post it here. If you have any photos, send a scan to the email on the main site.

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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby John T » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:40 pm

I attended John Stocker Junior School at the end of the 1940's and the beginning of the 1950's. The schools were named (obviously) after Mr John Stocker who was, I believe, for a time the Chairman of the City Council's Education Committee.

The main memory still implanted in my mind is the unusual design of the inside of the building. The building was on two floors - at least some of it was. The central area, which was used for School Assemblies, PE etc, was open right up to the roof. The classrooms were all around this area on two floors. Outside the classrooms on the upper floor was a walkway and the only thing that prevented a probable fall to the ground way below were railings that were about 4 feet high. My favourite teacher was a Mr Marshall Buller. I doubt whether he would have survived today's Health & Safety brigade because one of his favourite ways of amusing himself was to lift me up (I was - and still am - quite small!) and dangle me over these railings!

I think my first teacher was a Miss Kynaston, and I also remember a Mr Gunter. Mr Cashmore was indeed the Headmaster He lived in the "Headmaster's House" that was at the bottom of the playground on the corner of Dunsford Hill and Buddle Lane. I imagine that even in those days it was fairly unusual for an ordinary state junior school to have it's own Headmaster's house. Although the school itself has long since gone, the house is still there and is now presumably a private residence.

A few events remain in my memory. I had my first - and only - experience of Capital Punishment at the hands of Mr Cashmore - or rather on my hands from the cane in his hand! Although this may not have done me any harm in the long term, it certainly hurt like hell at the time! I also remember the excitement caused by the holding of a special School Assembly at which we were informed that the King had died. One year I played in a Staff v Pupils cricket match that was played in front of the school. Nothing very special about that, you may think, but our sporting facilities were pretty basic: the match was played in the playground - which was concrete, not grass - with a tennis ball.

A sobering thought for me is that I attended three schools - Union Street Infants, John Stocker Junior and Hele School - and now not a single brick remains of any of them.
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby Chris Byles » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:50 pm

I agree, so little seems to be mentioned of the old John Stocker schools. Nice to see you write a post Mr Mike Ewings, I remember you well and must have been in the same class at some point in time. My fondest memory of the Junior side was the pipe smoking Mr "Pop" Buller who took English I recall, whilst on the Senior side Mr Gill did the honours. I recall the Junior Headmaster Mr Cashmore, whose initials on the brass plate on his door made us boys tremble, the Initials being H.C.Cashmore and earnt him the name "Horrible Caning Cashmore". Am I right in thinking there were two Mr Jenkins in the Senior side, one who took History that everyone loathed and one who took Science ?
Great memories, would love to have banter with any former pupils who may remeber me better under my nickname "Bimbo" Byles - don't ask !!
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby mal kirk » Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:03 pm

Hi Mike, I went to Stocker between 1964 – 1968, I still have the scars to prove it, remember the huts in the playground, I was running around playing football I think and fell, hit my head on the edge of the conctrete at the base of the huts, Mr Tebbit took me to hospital for stiches and then took me home, I still have that scar on my forhead. Other teachers I remember are Mr Maughn,Mr Evans, Mr Hambly and Mr Spencer, I also remember the sports day at the county ground, carrying those large green mats down Cowick Street, boy they were heavy for a young lad. I also remember running down the stairs and knocking Mr Jenkins flying, for that little episode I got caned six times . The orchard at the back of the school also brings back vivid memories of being caned, scrumping, stupid thing to do now I think about it.
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby mike ewings » Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:32 pm

I have found one of my old school reports for the Junior school dated 26 july 1956...I see then I was in form M1 and the teacher was a Mr Gunter who was my class teacher until April 1957 when I moved up a year.The new teacher for the 2nd year was a Miss P George..Then in December 1957,the report shows me being in the 3rd year with the teacher being a Mr Milford..Moving on to December 1958 the new master was a Mr White..I think it was Les White who,from memory ,played football for Heavitree Utd .
The last entry on the report is dated 25 March 1959 with a stamp at the bottom of the page showing the new term starts 13 April 1959..This would have been the last term for me in the junior school as I later moved onto the senior school.
Reading the report ,it tells me that whilst i was an average pupil, there were both good and bad aspects with comments like
'needs to take more care, steady progress,very good(sometimes!)..The only subject that stood out was PE..had some excelent comments..rather pleasing looking back..It appears the teachers back then were strict in their assessment of pupils..saying exactly what they thought of their charges..good or bad
I woudnt know anything now as to what happened to those teachers..any ideas????
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby entertainer » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:32 pm

I also remember the john stocker ,i started at montgomery first ,then went to JS JUNIOR AND SEC in the early 50s. one name i havent heard mention is MR Thursby, who went on to be a very well known artist throughout the country . also i remember MR TIPPIT WHO WAS ALSO KNOWN AS mr SPITIT IN METAL WORK CLASSES. MR JONES who used to throw blocks of wood at you if you were not paying attention then there was MR JENKINS who wrapped you over the knuckles if you slumped yourself over the desk ouch!!! and PE if you forgot towel twice in a row you would get the cane on your bottom idid and it flippen hurt!!!. and if you didnt drink your milk MR GORE would have you, caning was not nice. there was a long line of us naughty boys, i cunningly went to the back as he would get tired by then and it didnt hurt so much . who ever said school days were the best days of your life eh! now i know how oliver twist felt like., today those teachers would be facing real trouble but in retrospect it didnt do us any long lasting damage did it ? but you never ever forgot it do you?. best wishes to all STOCKERITES YOURS ALAN BRYANT ALSO KNOWN AS ENTERTAINER.
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby mike ewings » Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:58 am

An old school pal from the senior school has been in touch..Colin lives in America..has sent me a copy of a photo of the then school prefects taken about 1963.....I have, over the years, spoken to some but not all.......Anyone remember theses names.....COLIN TAYLOR..PAUL PALFREY..BRIAN TAPLEY...KEN HOLMES...MALCOLM HEALE..PETE STEER...MIKE EWINGS...BILL BARDWELL(BARGEWELL)..JOHN COURTNEY...ROD CHALK...DAVID FINNEMORE...THERE IS ONE MORE WHOSE NAME I CANNOT RECALL.....I believe many still live in and around Exeter..some however have moved further;America and Australia....any information would be appreciated
mike ewings
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby coopie » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:58 pm

Re photo: Rod Chalk joined the police force but, after divorce he moved to Australia. His ex-wife and daughters still live in Exeter and area.
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Re: John Stocker Junior & Secondary School

Postby briantapley » Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:53 pm

This site has just been brought to my attention thanks to Mike's entry re the prefectsI would love to see that photo, I should be able to prove to my grandson I did once have hair.
I travelled to John Stocker senior school from Pinhoe for 4 years ( 1959 to 1963 ) and best friends at that time were Mike Ewings,Kenny Holmes and Malcolm Heale.Mike is the only one I have seen or had contact with in recent years unfortunately.Although I did have a couple of emails from Colin Taylor in the states. It was a great school and fantastic for sport really setting the tone for the rest of my life.
The other sports master Mike mentioned was Nigel Clarke who I met a couple of years ago and he was still living in Exeter.
I remember my form masters were 1,Gee 2 cannot remember but 3 and 4 were Bazely and Gill.
I have only good memories of the school and although living in Torbay often pass old school site with a real fondness.
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