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Clerks and Beadles

of the Guild of Weavers, Tuckers and Shearmen

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These are all of the Clerks and Beadles of the Guild of Weavers, Tuckers and Shearmen from 1577 to 1965

Clerks of the Guild

1620 Humphrey Ash
1634 Nicholas Trosse of Exeter, gentleman
1658 Nathaniel Maddock of Exeter, merchant
1671 William Heard of Exeter, yeoman (re-elected 1681)
1680-81 John Maniton
1708 Henry Hobbs
1717 --- Broadrnead
1728 Roger Hallett
1730 William Williams
1788 John Williams, attorney
1820 Harry James, attorney-at-law
1844 Hugh Myddelton Ellicombe of Exeter, gentleman
1857 Edmund William Paul of Exeter, gentleman
1874 Henry Mountrick James of Exeter, gentleman
1903 William Thomas Munby Snow of Exeter, solicitor
1936 Arthur Snow of Exeter, solicitor
1949 G. E. Madge
1958 R. H. T. Burgess, chartered accountant

Beadles of the Guild

1577 Nicholas Lovell
1612 Henry Glandfield, weaver
1636 William Moore, tucker
1638 William Moxsey (Macey)
1653 James Rackley or Radcliffe, tucker
1668 Crispin Wyatt or Wyott, tucker
1674 Peter Reynolds
1680 Thomas Gutteridge
1694 John Pitts, weaver
1714. Jonas Coles
1729 Thomas Drier or Dryer, weaver
1757 Benjamin Bowring, fuller
1775 Edward Turner, weaver
1783 John Bowring, fuller
1823 Benjamin Howe, fuller
1828 Robert Ellard, fuller
1836 George Back, fuller
1838 William Doeg, fuller
1850 Robert Saunders Gannicleft, fuller
1878 William Norman, fuller
1894 William Bowden
1907 James George Hyde
1911 Francis Eveleigh
1913 Arthur Parkhouse
1922 Luke Harding
1932 Alfred John Abrahams
1945 Sidney Carr
1958 G. Draper
1960 C. S. Hooper
1965 Thomas Leigh

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