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Memories of Exeter–in their own words

Last memories added 2nd April 2021

Memories of Exeter wanted

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Pre 20th Century memories

Celia Fiennes - Exeter from her travel journal 1698
Daniel Defoe
- writes of Exeter which he visits in 1727
G L Boundy - the water carriers of the 1840's
James Cossins - memories of the old Grammar School 1830s
Fred R Spark - Guy Fawkes Orgies
Fred R Spark - ancient customs and Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Fred R Spark - Possession Day & Latimer against Phillpotts

1900 to 1939 memories

Sylvia Hart - Grandmother's business 1900's
Olive Nibbs - Standfield & White - the garage 1912
Henry Holladay - Exeter in the 1910s and 1920s
Robert Adams
- Turf Locks 1920s
Cyril Brown - Shilhay and the West Quarter 1920s
Cyril Brown - Shilhay and Exe Island industry 1920s
Margaret Ball - St Thomas and Exeter in the 1920s
Margaret Ball - cinema in Exeter 1920s to 1940s
Arthur Berry - remembers attending St John's Bluecoat School 1920s
John Moore - Dad's dip in the canal 1923
Olive Nibbs - growing up in Exeter 1920s
Henry Holladay - Garton and King move from Waterbeer Street 1939
Henry Holladay - life around Waterbeer Street 1930s
Olive Nibbs - poverty in the Westquarter 1930s
Olive Nibbs - motoring in the 1920s & 1930s
Olive Nibbs - Bishop Blackall School memories 1930s
James Bell - Exeter in the 1930s
James Bell - first days at school 1936
James Bell - St David's School 1938
James Bell - Episcopal Boys and Exeter Technical School
Nell Tolley - cleaning Exwick's leat
Nell Tolley - an Exwick Christmas 1930s
Nell Tolley - Exwick's vicarage and Summer Fete
Nell Tolley - shops and shopping in Exwick
Nell Tolley - the Exwick harvest
Peter Philips - My grandparents
Roland Tuson - growing up by the canal 1920s
Roland Tuson - winter on the canal 1920s
Charles Davis - a journey to India for the 4th Devons 1914

Wartime memories

Alan Lock/Blanche Overend - we survived a bomb in a Morrison Shelter
Margaret Ball
- the night of the blitz
Margaret Ball - rationing in wartime Exeter
Brian Beale - ARP messenger boy
James Bell - a child's view of war 1
James Bell - a child's view of war 2
James Bell - a child's view of the blitz 1942
James Bell - a child's view after the blitz 1942
James Bell - making a 'bob' from salvage 1940s
James Bell - a kaleidoscope of memories 1940s
James Bell - songs and sitties that children sang 1940s
James Bell - shelters, gas and chicanes
John Bradbury - a tip and run raid 1942
Trevor Brown - blitz and machine guns
Trevor Brown - rationing
Arthur Drew - policing Exeter
Gloria Edwards - the blitz 1942
Edmund Forte - the blitz 1942
Mrs Marion Griffith - the blitz 1942
Edward Gigg - memories of a child in Alphington
STIL - George Stillings Ensa and the blitz
STIL - George Stillings One Yank and they're off
Sylvia Hart - wartime memories of Exeter
Eric Hoare - a young squaddie in 1939
Tony Lethbridge - bombs over Exwick
John Moon - US Navy Camp
Terry Mudge - the blitz and Exwick sinks the Tirpitz
Olive Nibbs - the blitz from the suburbs
Olive Nibbs - a family takes cover
John Orchard – found letter describing the night of the blitz
Peter Phillips - a child's war from Redhills
Peter Phillips - memories of Hele's School
Peter Phillips - the neighbours at Barley Mount
Mrs B Rendle - the blitz 1942
Angela Margaret Sadleir - a nurse for HMS Exeter
Leslie Ernest Scant - Exwick at War
Glyn Short - Burnthouse Lane in the 40's
Brian Slemming - Christmas and German POW's
Mr Stokes - The blitz 1942
Lieut. Ronald G Walker - defusing UXBs
David Ward - A baby's view of the war
Alfred Whitehall - letter from a POW
Bill and Avril Witt - an Anglo-American romance
Miss Eunice Overend - Bombs at the Cathedral
Jean Thompson - escaping the blitz from the Palace Gate School

Post 1945 memories

Gary Brady - Panorama comes to St Thomas 1960
Ken Brewer - a flight in a CAACU Mosquito
Trevor Brown - teenage years - 1950s
David Cornforth - Guildhall Silver Jubilee bronze 1977
David Cornforth - Western Data Processing computer bureau 1974
Arthur Drew - the police ambulance
Mike Ewing - growing up in Exwick 1960s
Mike Ewing - flooding in Exwick 1960s
Mike Ewing - memories of a pop drummer 1960s
Edmund Forte - Italian ice-cream comes to Exeter
Edmund Forte - working in the ice-cream factory
Steve Garry - the Water Treatment Works and SW2
Hilary Gorman - growing up in Old Matford House
Peter Hinchliffe - policing the city on a Sunday
Peter Hinchliffe - characters, places and shopping 1950s and 60s
Peter Hinchliffe - memories of a police officer 1960s
Peter Hinchliffe - more memories of a police officer 1960s
Peter Hinchliffe - memories of smelly Exeter 1960s
Peter Hinchliffe - Exeter's Lady in Red.... 1960s
Peter Hinchliffe - arson and the Crime Squad
Peter Hinchliffe - using fingerprints to catch a thief
Peter Hinchliffe - a pair of 'real' football boots
Peter Hinchliffe - Walter Otton's and the South Street cold case
Peter Hinchliffe - a hot cuppa for a night copper
Peter Hinchliffe - a chimney fire
Peter Hinchliffe - the 'nit' parade
Peter Hinchliffe - the Woodbury Common murders
Phil Hoare - Growing up in St Thomas 1950s and 60s
Jane Hope - St Thomas flooding 1960s
Jane Hope - dancing around the handbags 1960s
Doug Johns - the slow road to Exeter Airport 1959
Doug Johns - flying with CAACU 1959
Doug Johns - civil flying from Exeter
Phil Kelly - flight to Norway
Tony Lethbridge - 6000 Morrison shelters and the Falcons
Marcia - onion Johnnies, and the Sixties 1950/60s
Pete Martin - growing up in Whipton 1950s
Pete Martin - three years in Heavitree 1950s
Alan H Mazonowicz - filming the Onedin Line 1976
Colin Moore - the adventures of Heles' Scouts
John Moore - memories of the Eye Hospital
Bob Norman - the night the Catheral Cross was stolen
Dick Passmore witnessed the House that Moved 1961
Paul - mods, rockers and El Zamba 1964
- backstage with the Stones 1964
Syd Rowsell - running the Eagle Tavern 1970s
Pam Salzman - the Coronation in St Thomas 1953
Jack Tarr - a sacrilegious crime in 1950
Chris Dunston - I was an Onedin Line extra
Sean Creech - first job Minerva Software 1987
Elizabeth Meloni - student memories 1990s
Ken Ward - the history of Rediffusion in Exeter
Robin Wills - two years at the Episcopal School
Robin Wills - Doctors, dentists and hospitals
John Roake - memories of Heles School 1950s New

Jenny Lloyd's People Talking

Mr H Aggett - St Sidwells before the First War - 1910s
Mrs M Balkwill - incendiaries in Newtown - 1940s
Mrs B Clifton - St Sidwell's childhood 1905
Mrs F M Coles - the Newcombes of Preston Street - pre 1914
Mrs V M Dean - Bartholomew Street and Mary Arches School 1920s
Mrs V M Dean - Fore Street and canvassing for elections 1920s
Mrs V M Dean - swimming at Head Weir 1920s and 30s
Mrs V M Dean - the coffin in the crypt 1930s
Mrs E Dolman - bombs over St Sidwells - 1940s
Mrs F E Gilpin - living in St Nicholas Priory 1890's
Mr Fred Lendon - people of Waterbeer Street 1920s
Mr Fred Lendon - more memories of Waterbeer Street 1920s
Mr Fred Lendon - people of North Street 1920s
Mrs K R Pollard - growing up in Mary Arches Street 1920s
Minnie Rand - rescue work and wayward girls' 1930s
Mrs F J Southcott - Bartholomew Street in the 1940s
Mrs M J Whitehead - born in Stepcote Hill 1900s
Various memories of Exeter's Carnival
Various the fair visits Exeter
Various the Exeter Regatta
Various memories of Exeter's Horse Cart Parade

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