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Diana Dors when she visited the ABC Cinema in the early 1960s with the manager Robert "Bob" Parker. For the younger amongst us, Diana Dors was a 1960s British film star noted for her blonde hair and female attributes. Can anyone identify the two gents on the right?Portrait of Exeter citizen The comedian Tony Hancock frequently performed in Exeter, both at the Theatre Royal and the Savoy/ABC. Here he poses for a photo with the manager of the ABC, Robert 'Bob' Parker, and a young woman. Circa 1962. Photo © the late Frank Mallett.


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EM Maudes Garage was next to the Theatre Royal. The business was owned by a Mr Pettit who took advantage of the theatrel next door for publicity stunts—elephants from shows were marched into the showroom from Stable Yard between the theatre and the garage, and the local newspapers called. Photo © Paul Martin.EMAfter the northern and southern Exe Bridges were completed in 1972, the old 1905 Exe Bridge was demolished. Sir John Woolf Barry, who designed Tower Bridge, also designed Exe Bridge. Apart from not having a lifting mechanism, it is very similar to Tower Bridge in design. Photo © Michael T J Wride.

This Month in Exeter - 1915 also see 1913
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Exeter Police to Employ an Airdale
Western Times - Saturday 06 March 1915
The Watch Committee reported to the Exeter City Council that the Chief Constable has presented an airedale terrier for the use of the Force as an experiment in the employment of dogs as an aid to police.
Unemployed girls
Western Times - Monday 08 March 1915
The appeal I made on Friday for the loan of five sewing machines for use in the Exeter workrooms for unemployed girls and young women has so far resulted in one machine being offered by a Heavitree lady. Thus four more are wanted and no doubt will be forthcoming in the next day or so.
Drum for museum
Western Times - Monday 08 March 1915
With regard to the Russian drum which was brought home from the field of Alma after the Crimean war by Quartermaster Bourke, an Exonian, and has now been presented to the Depot by Mr. Sidney Cole, the suggestion is made that citizens should assist in permitting it to handed over to the Royal Albert Museum as an interesting relic. Subscriptions are therefore invited for the purpose. When a certain sum has been raised, the drum will be presented to the Museum, and the money, as Mr. Cole wished handed over to the Mayoress's funds. Already several letters have been received inquiring about the drum, which at present is on view in the window of the Depot.
Birch for Boy Thieves at Exeter
Western Times - Tuesday 09 March 1915
Further cases of theft against Exeter boys were heard before Messrs. P. Kelland and H. Ball at the City Children's Court yesterday morning. Two boys, aged twelve and nine respectively, pleaded guilty to stealing one shilling and a penny from the till of a shop in Oxford-street, St. Thomas. They were caught red-handed, one boy being seen with coppers in his hand, while the other said he had been told by the first boy to steal. They admitted trying get money from four other shops during the morning, but had failed. Both boys were before the Court a short time ago, concerned in the theft of a collecting box, and it was now stated that the elder boy, after being arrested and released, declined to go home. He lived with his grandfather and grandmother, and was out of control. This boy was sent to a reformatory for five years and was apparently quite unconcerned when the Justices announced their decision. The other boy was ordered six |strokes with the birch.
Absent without leave
Western Times - Tuesday 23 March 1915
George Wilks, Bert Cook, and Leonard Sutton, absentees from the 1st Battalion Worcester Regiment, stationed at Plymouth who were found in a train at St David’s Station that morning, were handed over to an escort.

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Exeter in the Great War by Derek Tait

Exeter in the Great War.The events in Europe of a hundred years ago are being well covered in books and television programs. However, for many, it is not only the tragic events on the Western Front, but also, how the war effected their local communities that are relevant. Derek Tait in his book Exeter in the Great War, covers events in the city from the outbreak of the conflict in August 1914 to the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918. Tait's extensive research in a range of newspapers, along with carefully selected extracts, bring to life the citizens of Exeter during the war years, and their sacrifices and comradeship through an uncertain period. The use of a range of photographs from the war years, illustrates the text, and gives an insight to the life of the city and its people. See Downloads to purchase.

Exeter Pubs by David Cornforth

Over the past few centuries, nearly 500 pubs have opened their doors in Exeter. While many have been lost due to time, money or misfortune, the stories and memories created in these 'locals' live on. Exeter Pubs offers a captivating glimpse into the history of some of Exeter's most famous pubs. Drawing upon an eclectic collection of photographs, David Cornforth presents the reader with an insight into the history and life of the pubs in this area. From pub dogs to landlords, famous visitors to suspicious fires, this book tells the stories of Exeter's numerous watering holes. Just like countless travellers over the centuries, the modern reader is encouraged to stop for a pint in each and continue the stories of these historic establishments. Well-researched and beautifully illustrated, Exeter Pubs provides something for everyone, whether they have lived in Exeter all their lives, or whether they are just visiting this vibrant town. Available from Amazon Exeter Pubs (Amberley Pub)

Exeter City go to Argentina

It was a hundred years ago that Exeter City went to Argentina to teach the locals something about football. On the 22 May 1914, the team, along with team officials and WAGS (yep, that's right or maybe they were wives of officials, and they sure wore bonny hats!) left Exeter Queen Street station for Southampton, for a boat to Argentina.See photo on this page May 1914. In July 1914 they had the honour of playing a 3-3 draw with the Brazil national side, when they toured South America.

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Published on the 1 December 2012 is the Exeter Memories iBook Historic Buildings of Exeter. Liberally illustrated with full screen photographs, illustartions and maps, the interactive book covers fourteen of Exeter's most loved buildings. The photos look stunning on the Retina display of the iPad 3, while the new iPad Mini is a convenient way to view the book. If you have an iPAd and love Exeter, this is the eBook for you. Moderately priced at £2.49, the book is available from iTunes here - Historic Buildings of Exeter - David Cornforth

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